Chicken Marsala

My wonderful mother-in-law got me a subscription to Taste of Home magazine for Christmas. It’s a magazine that is entirely recipes, and a lot of them are easy ones– the kind that don’t take hours to make. In my first copy, there was a recipe for Speedy Chicken Marsala, and I tried out the recipe. I had to make a few tweaks, as I didn’t have the exact ingredients, but I was quite pleased with the outcome. I thought I’d share the recipe here, as I love finding yummy, quick dinners for my family.

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Wordless Wednesday: 4-Months-Old

Monkey is 4 months old now. It’s hard to believe, and I keep squeezing him extra tight and enjoying that delicious baby smell because I know that the newborn days are flying by. Each passing day is bittersweet– it is wonderful to watch him grow and thrive, but I miss some of his itty bitty baby behaviors. I took these pictures early this evening.

Monkey is such a happy baby. He is a joy to be around:



He is such a smiley boy– he loves to laugh.  Frog was much harder to make smile.

Valentine’s Day Felt Topiaries


The heart wreath hanging on my back door seemed a bit lonely, but it also provided inspiration for an accompanying table decoration. While shopping at Target in those addictive $1 bins, I stumbled upon these darling Valentine’s Day pails:
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Meal Planning Monday: January 28th… A Day Late!

Well, a day late and a meal short this week! Actually, Monkey had his 4 month check up yesterday, so we ate out. I was expecting a bit of crankiness. I wonder if this is a self-fulfilling prophesy, as Monkey slept horribly last night. In my groggy state, I forgot that he needed another dose of tylenol. When MM woke up and asked if he could help with Monkey, and it dawned on me that Tylenol might help. It did, but still was rather restless…. I digress.

We have continued to stick to our meal plan, and this has reduced dinner stress and eating out. However, I’m still finding that we deviate either in the order of days, or take a meal out or add one in… does this happen to anyone else?


Well, on to the meal plan, so MM knows what he’s eating tonight. (He said he wasn’t sure last night!)

Monday: Eating Out
Tuesday: Flank Steak with Mashed Potatoes and Asparagus (Recipe to Follow!)
Wednesday: Crockpot Chicken Parmesan with Baked Zucchini
Thursday: Asian Pork Chops with Rice and Green Peas (Recipe to Follow!)
Friday: Homemade Pizza by MM
Saturday: Eating on your own/eftovers
Sunday: Still figuring out our Superbowl menu… hmmm, better get to working on that one!