The Blog Workshop: A Blogging Conference On My Own Time!


I don’t know about y’all, but my free time is pretty limited, but I’m loving this new hobby of mine, blogging! It’s hard to find time to do everything I want with blogging, and I tend to be a night owl blogger. I’ve really wanted to go to a conference or workshop, but it’s hard to get away from the family for a couple of days. I am heading to another niche conference in August, but I’m still so green in the blogging world. There are a bunch of non-niche specific things that I need to learn more about: SEO, social media, marketing my blog (and myself), and how to network. Recently I joined The Blog Workshop, where I hope to learn more about these topics. I recalled that I saw some of my fabulous bloggy mentors talk about this workshop back in May, but I had a conflict with the dates and times. So I jumped at the chance to sign up now. The organizers have made the conference and all of the workshops available for participants to listen to on their own time and at their own pace.
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