Baby Bag “ICE” Tags

A couple months ago, I wrote a post about what to teach your kiddo if s/he gets lost, and I got a lot of positive feedback on it.  It really is something that I feel is a critical skill for little ones to have.  I also mentioned that before the age of 3 or 4 years, it is hard for a little one to be a big help with getting found.  I have a little one who can’t stay much besides, “Ball!” and “Dat!” and I doubt he could help in an emergency. I got this idea to help with any emergency that might involve my littlest guy after I started leaving the Monkey’s diaper bag when I dropped him off at his half day preschool  I know that they have all of our emergency information on file, but how quickly can they get to it.  Plus, if we somewhere else, and the Monkey was hurt, and we were separated.  Maybe I’m just a paranoid mama, but I thought he needed his very own “ICE” tag. At my jobs, we’ve always had “ICE” (In Case of Emergency) information that quickly shares all of the critical information if something where to happen, now Monkey has a traveling “ICE” tag.


This was a super quick an easy project, that you can easily make.  All you need are some bag tags that allow you to insert all of your emergency info into the tag.  I found these at Target for $3.  They were available in a variety of pastel colors.


I used the general tag information that was already their for bag identification, and then I went on to add sections on the tags, including, DOB, allergies, pediatrician, and a space for a second emergency contact number.  If your little one had other significant medical information, or something critical to share, you could easily add it.  I then working on a design using Portia, my Silhouette Portrait, and a few spare pieces of White Vinyl.  I used the Silhouette Store to find a cute little hippo (I didn’t see a Monkey I liked!)


Since Monkey’s name starts with a “C”, I typed out his initial in the size I wanted.  I then moved the center of the hippo, and it was ready to cut.


When I was done cutting it, the letter “C” could be removed, and the Monkey’s little hippo has his initial on it.  Rather than using the “C,” I used the negative space.


I then took the outside of the tag, and trimmed the part that would prevent easy access to the “ICE” information.


By doing this, I no longer had to remove the entire strap to read all of the details on the tag.


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